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The success of our players is a responsibility we take seriously and we always continue mentoring our players. We believe it is our responsibility to continue assisting our players – whether it’s a second year at Bridge for Talents – Academy, arranging trials in professional clubs and signing contracts, or returning home and playing collegiate soccer.

Bridge for Talents is a football agency and was founded in Lisbon and Berlin in 2020 to provide a pathway for talented players to develop in professional football. Within the last years we assisted many football players in transfers and in their personal career.

With Bridge for Talents – Academy, we established a program for ambitious youth players to spend one year under professional conditions with the prestigious academies of clubs in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga.

Our expansion plan will see teams at other renowned clubs in the Bundesliga and Liga Portugal. We want to give foreign players the opportunity to play and train in Europe with a view to developing their skills, and showcasing their talent to generate professional opportunities.

Dr. Georg Froese

Founder & Owner

We build smart, physically prepared, and mentally strong players capable of succeeding at the highest level. However, just as important to us is taking care of our players after they complete our program.

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Africa Department

All our players go through a rigorous scouting process – both live and virtual to be placed in one of these European rosters. All aspects of our Integrated Academy teams, including matches, staff, education, cultural exchange, and facilities, exceed the expectations of our players. We combine best-in-class European methodology, coaching, physicality and athleticism through expert Licensed coaches.

Our individualized development programs and exposure opportunities lead players to top professional organizations and prestigious universities. Playing highly competitive weekly matches in Europe allows players to reach their maximum potential and enhance individual and collective performance.