The BfT Academy is a program organized by Berlin Sports and SV Werder Bremen giving young soccer players (between 16-20 years old) the chance to make their dream to live and train in a professional environment in a historic club in Europe come true. Our goal consists of finding and selecting talents from North America and forming them into a team that will be developed for one season in Germany. 

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Our goal consists of finding and selecting the rarest football talents in the world from several countries to bring them to Europe and to put them together in a team that will be trained for 10 months under professional conditions.

Each player will be scouted frequently and has the chance to challenge himself for a professional contract in Europe.

Please complete the form below to learn more about Bridge for Talents – Academy – This is our professional youth football program.

Imagine being selected for a roster spot in a professional football club in Europe. This means playing against top Bundesliga and other European Academy teams.

We are training with the latest equipment and taking on Bundesliga and local academies? Exploring becoming a pro or a collegiate impact player with a high scholarship?

Select scholarships for our program based upon financial need may be available.

Our scouts will look at your highlight video and let you know if you qualify for the program(s). This is a real, authentic pathway to professional soccer. Bridge for Talents already brought many talents to their pathway in the professional European football.

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How do I join Bridge for Talents Academy?


How do I join Bridge for Talents Academy?



How do I join Bridge for Talents Academy?